The best way to contact me depends on what you are contacting me about:

Just saying Hi

If you're just interested in saying hi or striking up a casual conversation, it's probably easiest just to reach out to me on Discord (NathanBuckley#5056), though if you prefer you can use my contact form instead.

You want to say something about what I posted

Something I wrote on this blog

If you want to say something about something I wrote, the Infinite Love Discord is the place to go — pick a suitable channel and write away. The open nature of the chat channels allows other people to get involved too — unless there's a specific reason you shouldn't involve everyone else, I'm sure you'll find their input also valuable.

Something I posted to another social media platform

If you want to talk about something I put up on a social media platform, it's best to use that platform's comments section. For example, if it's a video I posted on YouTube, it's best to use the YouTube comments section for that video so that the conversation is always associated with the video itself rather than lost in the abyss of Discord conversations or emails. The exception would be if your question or comment requires a lot of words and/or back-and-forth discussion, in which case the Infinite Love Discord is probably best.

Private/business/legal matters

If you are contacting me for private, business, or legal matters it's best to email me directly using my contact form.