An explanation of how you can support me and/or contribute to my writing.

We want to live in a society where all information is shared freely with everyone. Likewise, there shouldn't be a price-tag on education, because having access to a quality education system is probably the single most important aspect of a flourishing society. Put simply: A society that contains more educated individuals will always do better than a society with fewer educated individuals. That is why we will never charge for anything we write. Why would we hold people back from learning things and becoming wiser based on their income?

There are a few ways you can help out if you would like to. One of the simplest and most effective things you can do is share our writing on your social media or your website so that others can read it as well. If you want to be more directly involved, we'd be glad to have anyone help with research and or writing/editing. There is so much to do of both, and more people means we can spend more time on things and produce higher quality articles.

If you wish to support us financially, you can do that as well using the memberships we offer here on this site (see 'Memberships' button below). The software we use for this blog (Ghost) does not allow us to customize the options other than picking a single monthly rate and a single yearly rate so we just did one low-priced option ($5/month aka $60/year) and one high-priced option ($500/year) for the financially fortunate out there. Since everything is free, you won't get access to any different writing content but we may in time add things like photography prints or access to special chat channels just as a token of appreciation. 👍