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One of the initial projects Infinite Love is undertaking is to design and build a community of our own to demonstrate that it is possible to create a flourishing world that we describe, to serve as a model for other communities, and as a bonus serve as a base of operations for all our continued efforts.

At this time we are in the early planning stages. The current plan is to design multiple phases of the community, with the first phase being a shared living environment for a relatively small number of individuals (depending on interest) that would be in an existing metropolitan area. The goal here would not be to be self-sustaining per se, but simply to provide a space for us to more effectively collaborate while greatly improving our living situations (compared to living by ourselves). The longer term goal would be to design a fully-functioning self-sustaining community that would be built from the ground up on a parcel of land in whatever location we deem best.

As more information about our community becomes finalized, we will add it here. To stay informed of future updates, make sure to follow our social media channels as we'll be posting regular progress updates there.


Phase 1: Now

Phase 1 of the community would be leveraging what benefits we can now within the existing system we have today. Many projects aim to build a community, but it's always some future community, and most never end up being built. We need to stop thinking that everything is in the future when we can leverage real benefits form living and working together right now. We would buy or rent a house somewhere (or live in a house provided by an existing member) and organize our members into teams that would focus on different things that need to be done. For example:

  • we would find a few chefs who would be dedicated to cooking meals for everyone;
  • we would find a few accountants would be responsible for handling our finances, budgeting and allocating funds to teams who need to buy food or equipment or supplies;
  • we would have a person or two responsible for cleaning, house maintenance, miscellaneous errands, etc;
  • we would have a team dedicated to outreach, providing education content and growing our social media presence;
  • we would have a team dedicated to research and planning for phase 2 of the community
  • we would have a team dedicated to health (both physical and mental health), recreation, and leisure activities to ensure everyone's needs are met and that we're not just slaving our lives away, but LIVING our lives too

Those are just some examples of the various teams we could have; in the end it really depends on the number of people and the balance of skills we have to work with.

Beyond the initial $150,000 USD investment from our founder to finance this endeavor, we would additionally be supported by contributions from incoming members and through holding various fundraising events.

Overall, the benefits of living together are immense: easier to collaborate, increased productivity, development of trust between us, improved understanding of the movement space and one another, the refinement of our shared principles, and without a doubt the improvement of our individual livelihoods as well. We would be using our time in Phase 1 to rigorously plan for and execute the vision for Phase 2, our first largely self-sustaining community.

Estimated time frame: Within the next year

If you are interested in being involved with Phase 1 of the community, click here.

Phase 2: Self-sustaining Community

Phase 2 of the community would be aiming for what we can realistically achieve for our first self-sustaining, moneyless community. The community itself would almost certainly have money in a central account used for necessarily costs we cannot avoid when interfacing with the rest of the world, especially for products and services we cannot ourselves produce yet. However, there would be no need for money within the community (or really much of a need for the idea of "individual property ownership" at all—most things can be shared, perhaps aside from undergarments, toothbrushes, and other such personal items), and certainly no one but a few dedicated personnel would ever have to concern themselves about finances ever again. We would grow all our own food and have volunteer chefs provide meals for everyone. We would provide the vast majority of our own healthcare, aside from very specific specialist care that depends on particular expertise or medical technology we do not yet possess. We would provide our own educational services both for children and adults, dramatically improved over the traditional exam-based education systems, focusing on the personal development and growth of each individual while encouraging a life-long approach to learning. We would give everyone their own place to live, perhaps not just a single place but an abundance of places, and access to a wide range of shared facilities. We would generate all our own energy from renewable sources. We would encourage people to pursue their own passions, whether that be creating music, or advancing our scientific understanding of the world. No one will be forced to work to retain all the benefits of living here, and although some people may choose to work more than others and some people may pursue passions that are more beneficial to others, we are confident we will have more than enough people volunteering for any tasks that need to be done to keep our community running smoothly. In fact, it is exceedingly like that — due to the overall boost in mental and physical health of all our community members from living in our supportive environment and the massive reduction in stress and other typical life concerns people have in today's world — we should see unrivaled levels of productivity. This productivity will translate into the creation of products and companies within our community that we could offer to the outside world which would help us further raise funds to expand our community and add even more members. With enough time, our community will likely become a mecca of learning and human progress, especially as we get closer and closer to Phase 3.

Estimated time frame: Within the next 3-5 years

Phase 3: The Ideal Community

Our first self-sustaining community (Phase 2) is to be something we can realistically execute for the first pass within a reasonable time frame, whereas Phase 3 is what we should really be aiming for in the long-run: carefully examining every belief we have and structuring our communities in such a way that best fosters our growth moving forward. Within this time frame, there will likely be a web of connected communities all around the world all working together for the common good. In general, in this phase we should be aiming to improve our processes and implement automation for all but the most challenging tasks. We can leverage all the money we've raised and earned from Phase 2 projects and incoming members that donate all their assets to us and begin designing and constructing huge facilities for education, research, advanced manufacturing, and whatever else we deem an optimal use of our funds. Phase 3 is where we really start showing the world what a flourishing world truly looks like.

Estimated time frame: Within the next 5-15 years