Doing research and making persuasive arguments for improving various aspects of society is important, but no change will occur unless people know about it and are on board. For that reason, outreach is an equally critical component of the Infinite Love organization.

Social Media Channels

At this time, our founder produces a YouTube channel and a podcast which serve as our primary means of engaging the public. There is also a Facebook page which is used to announce new videos/podcasts.

In general, the YouTube channel content features discussions about many of issues Infinite Love aims to address while also showing some of the personal life of the founder (Nathan Buckley). This was a deliberate decision so as to allow people to understand not just what Infinite Love is, but to give people a sense of the type of people who are involved in the organization. In time, the hope is that more members can become involved with the channel and share their thoughts and lives as well to continue to bring a human face to organization.

The podcast uses much of audio from the video channels, but features mostly just the core discussion without the extras (bloopers, random thoughts, and anything not directly related to Infinite Love). It's primarily for people who want to get the "meat" of the discussions without the extras.