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One of the initial projects Infinite Love is undertaking is to design and build a community of our own to demonstrate that it is possible to create a flourishing world that we describe, to serve as a model for other communities, and as a bonus serve as a base of operations for all our continued efforts.

At this time we are in the very early planning stages. The sections below will provide an outline of various areas that need to be considered in planning the community.



The world today revolves around money and there's no way of getting around that for now. Building a community will require a significant investment of money, and the money we have available will determine the size of the community we can support. The more money we have, the larger a population that can be supported. The size of the initial population of the community will likely be determined by the amount of interest there is, but should interest exceed the capacity that can be supported with the given funds we have, we'll have to figure out how we select those who can live there initially, which will likely involve a screening process and be determined at least in part by what roles need fulfilling, as the community will need a wide range of people to support day to day operations (e.g. farmers/gardeners, cooks, cleaners, engineers, construction workers, doctors, teachers, etc.).

The initial costs will be related to finding real estate, land surveying, permits, architecting, and urban planning. Once these are done there will be the construction costs to build all the facilities and shape the landscape as desired, which will likely represent the bulk of the financial costs. Finally, there will be on-going operating costs, though these should be somewhat minimal compared to the initial construction costs, assuming the construction included the means of generating our own energy, water, and other resources.

In addition to planning for costs, we also need to plan for how we'll earn money. The good news is that in today's world, with enough of an initial investment, investing can be an excellent vehicle for growing wealth, and once the community is on its feet it is likely the work our community members do will bring in new money from outside to pay for things that we cannot produce ourselves right away.

Human Resources

The community will need to have the right combination of individuals covering the range of roles needed to function optimally. The primary tasks here include:

  • Determining the complete list of roles needed to support the community indefinitely
  • Determining the ratio of each role to community members with different levels of workload. For example, it might be determined that for every doctor, the community can support 365 people, assuming the doctor is to see just 1 person per day each year (a relatively light workload). However, considering a slightly higher workload, for every doctor the community can support 1000 people (~3 patients per day). These numbers will allow us to get a picture of how many people in each role we need to fill given our projected community size.
  • Determining what tools and infrastructure each role needs
  • Describing the job duties of each role
  • Determining how to screen for individuals to be part of the community assuming there are more people interested in being a part of it than it can initially support.
  • Handling all the typical scheduling and coordination HR tasks

Health & Safety

Without a doubt the physical and mental health of all community members is a top priority, so services will need to be in place for providing support as needed. There should probably be regular recreational activities and community events as well. In addition, we need to consider the safety of the community in all aspects, from interpersonal interactions to design of buildings, access control, intelligence services, emergency preparedness, etc.

Urban Planning

We will need to think carefully about how we want the grounds to be laid out. Depending on the size of the community, there may not even really be a need for vehicles for most people going about their day to day lives, but it's likely there will be some sort of automated public transportation system needed to shuttle people around the grounds. We need to carefully consider the design and placement of buildings and facilities to maximize efficiency of our operations and the comfort of our community members.


We will need to consider the facilities necessary to keep things running: energy, water, food, internet, etc. We'll need to consider the longevity of our farming practices, since historically farmers tend to overwork their farms until it needs to be rotated to be given time to recover, but it's likely we can come up with an approach that keeps the land and our environment healthy. We'll need to consider how we'll get energy (presumably solar or wind), how it's stored and distributed. There will also be a great deal of information technology required to keep everything running, so how this is setup and maintained must be considered.


We fully intend to design our education systems to be completely different from the boring, tedious, test-obsessed mess it is today. Learning should be fun and engaging and relevant, so much so that people want to learn and our children beg us to go to school. Imagine that! Education includes not just education for minors however but also vocational training as well as hobbies and leisure learning. At a minimum, we should have the expertise to train more community members on how to successfully function in every role in the community.


Though the Infinite Love organization and community of volunteers will be the designer and creator of the community, we have no intention of leading it in any capacity once it's built. Rather, we envision creating a community constitution which outlines the governance structure of the community such that the community can elect it's own leaders. In addition, the community will need to consider our relationships with those around us; for that reason, we'll likely need some sort of public relations/international relations department as well.


The responsibility of operations is to monitor everything and ensure things are running smoothly across the board. Part of this will likely involve doing continued research & development on everything, from the tools and infrastructure to the design of the government itself. After all, a flourishing community isn't one that stays the same forever, but one that grows and continues to improve itself as time goes on.