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Imagine a life with no outside pressures or constraints on you.

A life where you never have to worry about food because there would always be a mouthwateringly delicious and healthy meal for you whenever you wanted, prepared by the community chefs with fresh vegetables grown from the local gardens. A life where you never have to worry about where to live, or whether you can afford a nice bed you wanted, because the community engineers and construction workers would make sure you had a place designed exactly the way you wanted. A life where you never had to worry about money at all because everything you could reasonably ask for is provided to you — which is why there is no money in the first place. Imagine a life where you don't have to ever concern yourself with politics because you know that those entrusted to make important decisions for you and your family are always looking out for the best interest of everyone, not just themselves. A life where everyone around you is happy because their needs are met too, and every day the atmosphere of the community is vibrant and alive, with everyone cheerful, happy, respectful, and in harmony with each other. Imagine being able to live completely free to do as you want to without any pressure at all — what would you do with your life?

Well, we can create that world today if we put our minds to it.

Human beings easily possess the technology, talent, and resources to create a world of abundance for everyone, and we can do it today. But some may wonder, if that was true, why aren't we doing it? Well, there's a lot of reasons why, ranging from the innate selfishness of our biology, to lack of education, lack of vision, and others. We can take the time to address why we're not there today, but what's more important to us is how we can get there now. The purpose of this page is to highlight issues we see in the world today and discuss how we believe they can be improved. However, the world's a big place with hundreds of countries and each has it's own system of laws to navigate, and we do recognize that some issues are quite deep-rooted. For that reason, one of our first major activities is to build a community of our own, so be sure to visit our Community page if that interests you.




Environmental Policy

Urban Planning