Quick & easy things you can do

One of the simplest and most effective things you can do is engage with our content on social media: subscribe to our channels, post supportive and constructive comments on our content, and most importantly like & share our content with your friends and family.

Helping with tasks

If you want to be involved with our efforts more directly, you should start by registering on our forum as it is the primary place for coordinating our efforts. You should also make sure to introduce yourself and let us know what you'd like to (or are able to) help with.

Our current tasks and objectives are listed on our Trello — it's a project management tool that we use to organize what we're working on. It's divided into four separate boards:

  • Organization — tasks related to the Infinite Love organization itself. This includes tasks related to our operations, our processes, any of the tools we use, our website, our marketing and branding, as well as general business and legal matters.
  • Research — tasks related to all our research efforts related to our philosophy and vision, as well as the topics we aim to raise awareness about. This includes both research, data analysis, and writing.
  • Outreach — tasks related to all out outreach efforts. This includes the management of our social media channels, our networking efforts, any fundraising activities, and any kind of promotional campaign.
  • Community — tasks related to our goal of building a community of our own. This includes everything from planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining the community in each of the outlined phases.
If you see a task on Trello that you'd like to contribute to, let us know in a post on our forum and we'll make sure you have what you need and are connected with anyone else also working on the task.

Joining our organization

The highest level of involvement with Infinite Love (short of also living with us in the community) consists of formally joining our organization. To be clear: Anyone — anonymously or otherwise — can create an account on our forum and start helping out. However, for those who want to be formally involved with us (for example, to be officially considered an "employee" of the organization; to be part of our staff at public events; to be part of the core team that determines the overall goals and objectives of the organization; etc.) we need to know who you are, and that happens by submitting an application, much like when applying to a typical job. However, unlike a typical job, the application process isn't about rejecting people — there are always ways people can help — but rather it's simply about getting to know you, your desires, your needs, and your skillset so we know where you are best suited to contribute. All our positions are voluntary (unpaid) — you choose what you want to do and how many hours you want to contribute. 👍

As mentioned, we plan to design and live in our own modern intentional community. We've outlined 3 phases of this process and we are currently in the planning stages for Phase 1. If you want to join us, you will have to apply to the organization. However, please note that not everyone who joins the organization is eligible for being part of the first phase of the community. In order to function effectively we all must be able to work well as a team and that requires that we select individuals with the right kind of drive, friendly disposition, and collaborative spirit. Our goal is to mitigate potential conflicts and ensure (as best we can) a high level of compatibility between members so that we can maintain a supportive and productive environment. Keep in mind: our goal is not just to merely live and work together but to thrive together, and with proper planning, the right balance of work and leisure, along with clear goals and adequate support structures, we have no doubt we will.

Donations & Partnerships

If you wish to support us financially, you can use our Patreon page — all proceeds will go directly towards supporting our mission, which at this time consists mostly of web server-related and administration costs. After our organization has filed for incorporation, acquired our non-profit status from the IRS, and selected a donation platform to faciliate payments, we will update this section accordingly.

If you are a business or individual interested in sponsoring or forming a partnership with us, please contact us directly.