A short introduction to our blog and how to find content.

Hello & Welcome to the Infinite Love blog. :) You have stumbled onto an ever-growing collection of writing through which we share our perspective on life and how best to navigate it. Our posts cover a vast array of topics, but at their core they all have one thing in common: they are all about revealing a better way to look at things which we believe will lead to a happier and healthier life for everyone (not merely oneself) — well, that's the hope anyways. We are always trying to learn and grow, so we treat this blog as an evolving repository of knowledge which we will continually update as new understandings come to light.

We are honored to have you here, and we hope you enjoy what you find. As always, don't hesitate to to reach out to us if there's anything on your mind. :)

This blog vs. our other social media

These days there are so many social media platforms and in order to have reach to a wide audience one generally needs to use more than one. As a result many people use several different platforms and because they have different posting requirements it can end up a giant chaotic mess to manage and for everyone else to figure out where content is.

To keep things simple, this blog is where essentially all our content is posted — all writing, all podcasts, all videos, etc. will be posted here. Doing so gives us the most control over our content and the freedom to post using whatever length and formatting options we desire. Thus, if you are interested in staying abreast of everything that we post, you should subscribe to this blog (its 100% free; any paid options we have available on the signup page are just if you want to support me — there are no differences in terms of content).

We still encourage you to subscribe to and engage with our social media content so that it may reach higher levels of exposure, but if you ever want to look something up — for example our position on a particular topic — you'll find i it easiest to come here and search through all our content in one place.

Searching existing content

If you want to read every post in chronological order, first of all we LOVE your passion, and the easiest way to do this is by using the index page. However, if you are only interested in certain topics, the best way to navigate through existing content is to use the search bar at the top of every page which allows you to search for keywords in articles as well as tags, which are primarily used to help categorize articles by topic. A single article can have many tags (topics), but at minimum it will have a "topic category" tag which covers a range of related topics that I have grouped together for more easily finding related content. For example, the "Health & Well-being" topic category covers physical health (exercise, nutrition, medicine, nootropics), mental health (psychology, neuroscience), along with relationships and personal growth. The eight topic categories I have defined are listed below and should serve as a good starting point if you are looking for specific topics via tags: