Lying or hiding information from others to protect them

Lying or hiding information from others to protect them is almost always a bad idea. We see this time and time again in movies, shows, and in our own lives and in all cases we find that this outdated notion always leads to more harm than good.

Hiding Prices is dishonest

When companies hide their prices, it's clear all they care about is the sale, not the product or the consumer, and this should immediately turn you away from them.

Capitalism: where manipulating people to make purchases is normal and acceptable

We live in a world where no one bats an eye at the fact that companies manipulate people into spending money, often in subtle ways. Why does this happen, and can we break free of this way of doing things?

Giveaways and raffles exist to buy your data and influence in exchange for the slightest chance of winning

A discussion about giveaways and the why they generally are amazing for companies but typically only bad for people who enter them.

"A Special Gift" that is not special or unique in any way

Advertising deception from NakedWines in the form of fake "special gift cards" — seemingly harmless to many, but in time I hope we come to see this for what it is: deception and manipulation.