The origin of the name

What is 'Infinite Love'? It's a universal, unconditional love that comes from a place of empathy. In this episode, Teresa and I talk about the origin of the name, what it means to us, and how anyone can cultivate this kind of empathy within them too.

Belief - What's important for ensuring a harmonious society

A willingness to modify our beliefs in the face of new evidence and reasoning is critical to ensuring a common world for us all. To get there, we must understand what beliefs are, how they influence us, and our responsibilities regarding them.
16 min read

The Information War (and adding impromptu content to my outreach platforms)

I'm going to be adding impromptu videos as part of my outreach in an effort to produce more content, engage a wider audience, and most importantly in the hopes that in some small way I can help steer us in a healthier, more sustainable direction.
3 min read

We should use entertainment to impart important life lessons

We should do more in using entertainment not just to entertain but also to impart important lessons, especially moral ones.